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Our most important asset, our staff

In Bull Hotels, we understand that our success comes only from our most important asset, our staff. We work daily to achieve the highest possible degree of equality and justice, ensuring their rights and reducing social inequalities. For this reason the company has a strong commitment to labour issues and ensure strict compliance in this area, not to discriminate based on sex, race, religion, sexual orientation or others.

The hotel group has various policies to meet their work commitments:

  • Ethical code: It establishes not only a framework by which to protect working conditions and basic workers' rights, but also emphasizes the importance of a work environment based on motivation and respect.
  • Equality plan: It includes policies and measures undertaken by the group aimed at achieving equal opportunities in the workplace between men and women.
  • Stability plan: In our commitment with workers, we strive for a high percentage of these to have a fixed  and full-time contract.

Protocol for prevention and action in the event of harassment: It sums up all the policies to prevent sexual harassment and we have implantes procedures to follow the case if it ever occurs.

  • In recent years, the percentage of women continues to grow within the company, representing 57.8% in 2019.
  • 56% of our employees have an indefinite contract
  • Of the total workforce, only 12% have worked part-time during 2019, which reflects the commitment to create stable employment in the sector.