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Bull Hotels works daily to adapt to the quality needs

Bull Hotels works daily to adapt to the quality needs demanded by an increasingly competitive hotel market. For this and with the firm goal of satisfying all the requirements of our customers, we have a Tourism Quality System based on the UNE-EN-ISO 9001: 2015 standards

Our quality policy is based on the following aspects:

Managing a quality system that allows us to satisfy the client's needs based on communication with the client, the follow-up of their comments and the permanent maintenance and cleaning of the facilities. Likewise, to adapt to the needs of an increasingly inclusive society, the facilities are adapted for people with functional diversity.

The Management will provide the hotel with all the necessary resources to promote all the improvements proposed within the possibilities of each hotel in the company.

We are committed to compliance with the legislation applicable to the hotel in all matters required in our field.

The continuous improvement is part of the culture of the company and it is a commitment of all the personnel to promote this improvement, having for this an active communication between the Management and the workers.

The improvement goals that are set each year will be consistent with the needs of our customers, stakeholders and the current society.