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Battling climate change

Battling climate change is the greatest challenge for humanity in 21st century. Bull Hotels believes that with the cooperation of public and private entities we can find out a solution to the problem. Therefore, we are committed to the efficient management of available resources in the environment in which our hotels are located. We are aware of the impact that our activity has in the environment and work to prevent any environmental damage, strictly following the laws in this area.

Given this reality, Bull Hotels, as part of its ethic codes, contains a duty to always act with respect for the environment, also pledging to conserve and preserve it, adopting procedures to reduce the environmental impact on the development of its activities

Thus, our main lines of work in this area are:

We apply criteria of efficiency and sustainability in all processes and decisions that could have an impact on  the environment, using innovation, and renewable energy, including pollution control and resource consuming management. We have introduced waste recycling methods and  want to reach 80% of selective collection by the end of 2021.

The group ensures compliance with legal requirements and is commited to continuous improvement of environmental damages that could be cause by our activity.

We measure and control our enery consumption daily to check which areas need to improve, so as to control leaks that pose an environmental threat or inefficient resource management.

We have made a significant effort to raise our concern to customers and suppliers awareness and train our employees on how to help achieve our sutainability goals.

During 2019 we eliminated 65% of single use plastics. Our challenge is to remove 100% by 2021.