The fight against climate change is the greatest challenge for humanity in the 21st century. At Bull Hotels we believe that with the collaboration of public and private entities we can solve the problem. For this reason, we are committed to the efficient management of the resources available in the environment in which our hotels are located. We are aware of the impact that our activity generates on the environment and we work to prevent any environmental contingency, strictly following current legislation on this matter.


Faced with this reality, Bull Hotels, within the framework of its code of ethics, includes the duty to always act with respect for the environment, also committing to conserve and preserve it, adopting procedures to reduce the environmental impact in the development of its activities.

Thus, our main lines of work in this area are:


Efficiency and sustainability criteria have been applied in all processes and decisions with an impact on the environment, using innovation, eco-efficiency and renewable energies, including the prevention of pollution and the efficient consumption of resources. We have introduced waste recycling methods, and our goal is to reach 80% selective collection by the end of 2021.


The Group ensures compliance with legal requirements, committing to the continuous improvement of the environmental aspects identified for its activity.


We measure and control our consumption on a daily basis to find out in which areas we must improve, as well as to be able to control leaks that pose an environmental hazard or inefficient management of resources.


We make a significant effort to raise awareness among our customers and suppliers and train our employees on how to help achieve eco-efficient business activity.