We are committed to a sustainable tourism

At Bull Hotels we are convinced that a better world is possible. That is why we work every day with the aim of improving and achieving a more sustainable and ethical tourism model. We have obtained the Travelife and Biosphere Sustainable certifications, and with this we intend to encourage other tourism companies to design their products and services based on a less aggressive tourism model. In this way, we can guarantee a long-term balance between the economic, socio-cultural and environmental dimensions of the place, achieving significant benefits for the company, society and the environment.


In our company, we work with a series of objectives, related to the 2030 Agenda, based on obtaining a more respectful society with the environment, and that is an egalitarian and inclusive society.


Bull Hotels keeps a daily control of the consumption of supplies. From there, it is easier to set goals and try to reduce your consumption.


We separate hazardous waste, so that the waste has better traceability, and in this way, harm the environment as little as possible.


We have considerably reduced the consumption of single-use plastics. Changing products that were previously consumed in individual portions, and now buying them in bulk.


Timers have been set on the lights in the common areas of our hotels, to save energy.


The light bulbs have also been replaced by less consumption led lights.


Several processes have been digitized in order to reduce paper consumption.


We promote the circular economy, and we work with nearby suppliers, promoting the local product.


We work with an equality plan, where we measure the empowerment of women, in order to offer equal conditions for the staff of our hotels.


All this helps us achieve growth and optimization of our own resources, respecting the environment and our surroundings.