Enjoy Gran Canaria without restrictions: hotels with gluten-free options!

    Hotels in Gran Canaria suitable for celiacs

    Are you looking for gluten-free options, so you don't have to worry about it on your holidays? At Bull Hotels, we know how important food is for your health and your enjoyment, and that's why we offer you a meal service adapted to your needs.


    In our gluten-free hotels in Gran Canaria, you can enjoy delicious and varied recipes, suitable for coeliacs and those allergic to wheat.


    Enjoy a wide selection of dishes made with fresh, top-quality ingredients, free of gluten and traces of any kind.


    Come to Bull Hotels and enjoy a unique gastronomic experience.

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    If you'd like to enjoy a gluten-free menu at any of our Bull hotels, you can ask our staff for the menu you want.


    We'll prepare delicious and healthy dishes for you, with top-quality, specially selected gluten-free ingredients. You'll always have access to all the information you need about our dishes so that you can feel safe and enjoy your dining experience.


    Also in our buffet-style restaurants you'll be able to choose the dishes you want, as you'll have a sign available with the allergen information that may contain.


    At Bull Hotels we care about your wellbeing, that's why we offer you numerous options so that you can enjoy a carefree culinary experience.

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    Here you'll discover a varied selection of images showing the different areas of the hotels suitable for coeliacs, from the rooms to the swimming pools, restaurant area, jacuzzis, spa and much more.


    These pictures will give you a complete overview of the experience of staying in Gran Canaria with Bull Hotels in a safe and gluten-free environment.