Enjoy the water in Gran Canaria, even in winter!


    Hotels with heated pool in Playa del Inglés

    Playa del Inglés offers a warm subtropical climate ideal for year-round enjoyment of its outdoor attractions, including its inviting pools. However, in the winter months, the weather can occasionally dip into cooler temperatures, even in Gran Canaria. To ensure an uninterrupted and refreshing swim, many hotels in Playa del Inglés provide heated pools, extending the pool season and creating a more comfortable experience for guests.


    Whether you're seeking a refreshing escape from the summer heat or a relaxing dip during cooler months, a heated pool at a Playa del Inglés hotel is sure to enhance your holiday experience.


    Discover the best hotels with heated pools in Playa del Inglés!

    The best hotels with heated pools in Playa del Inglés

    Benefits of choosing a hotel with a heated pool

    When we think of holidays, what we most want is to disconnect, relax and enjoy comfort. For this reason, sun, and swimming pool are two essential elements to make our holidays perfect.


    The island of Gran Canaria is an ideal destination to enjoy the sun and the beach. Its subtropical climate means that the sun shines all year round, and its white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters are a true paradise.


    However, it isn't always possible to enjoy the sun and the pool outdoors, especially in the winter months. Therefore, choosing a hotel with a heated pool is an excellent option to enjoy your holidays, regardless of the time of year.


    Below, we'll give you some of the most outstanding advantages of picking a hotel with a heated pool.

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    Gallery of the hotels with heated pools in Playa del Inglés

    Here you can find images showing the hotels, their rooms, swimming pools, restaurants, jacuzzis and much more.


    These photographs will give you a more complete perspective on the experience of staying in Playa del Inglés and what services these adapted hotels have for you.