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    Explore all the available offers and deals and focus on spending a dream holiday in the wonderful area of San Agustín. Enjoy one of the best areas in the south of Gran Canaria without having to spend too much money on your stay on the island.


    We have the hotel Bull Costa Canarias & Spa in this area of the island.


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    Our hotel in San Agustín has a swimming pool and spa, but it isn't the only one we have at your disposal on the island. If you want to find the best accommodation with this type of service, you can find them here:

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    By booking through our website you can make your reservation without any risk, giving you the option of making the payment when you check in, the day of your arrival at any of our hotels.

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    Take advantage of making your booking from our website. If you're staying with your kids, simply by choosing any of our accommodation, children under 7 years old will stay completely free of charge.


    From babies under one year old to children who have just turned 6 years old, this offer only applies to children under 7 years old.

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