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    Are you looking for hotel accommodation for people with reduced mobility? Bull Hotels offers you a careful selection of the best adapted accommodation in San Agustín. These accommodations are designed to cater for all types of people, regardless of the different types of disability and offer exceptional amenities.


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    Differences of an adapted hotel versus a non-adapted hotel

    An adapted hotel or a hotel for persons with reduced mobility differs from a regular hotel in that it's designed and equipped to meet the needs of persons with disabilities and to provide an inclusive and accessible environment for all guests. There are some notable differences from a hotel that is not adapted:


    Architectural accessibility

    Adapted hotels have access ramps in common areas to facilitate the mobility of persons with physical disabilities.


    They also have wider corridors and doorways to allow wheelchairs and other mobility devices to pass through.


    Accessible rooms

    Rooms are equipped with features such as grab bars in the bathroom, walk-in showers, and space to manoeuvre wheelchairs.


    Services for people with disabilities

    These types of hotels can provide technical aids such as pool lifts, wheelchairs available to guests.


    Adapted bathrooms

    Bathrooms in an adapted hotel usually have toilets with adequate height, grab bars and accessible showers.


    Braille signage

    Adapted hotels have Braille signage to help those with visual impairments find their way around.


    Accessible parking

    Accessible parking spaces: Accessible parking spaces should be provided near the main entrance of the hotel.

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