Bull Hotels guarantees the health and safety of both customers and workers, for which it strictly complies with the guidelines established by current regulations based on the Plan of Measures Adopted for Health and Safety.

Our main lines of work in this area are:


Safety: We have the services of an external company, Quirón Prevención, which is in charge of carrying out an analysis on safety, hygiene, ergonomics and occupational medicine in order to guarantee the safety and health of employees, as well as their training.


Periodically, all hotel staff are trained in matters such as prevention, extinction, first aid, food handling or pool maintenance, among others.


On an annual basis, to guarantee the safety of employees and customers, we carry out fire drills in each hotel.

Health: All the company's processes follow the health guidelines provided by current legislation, including the HACCP Manual, the POSI policy and the Legionellosis control policy, among others. In addition, we have the help of HS Consulting, an external hygiene expert company that performs numerous analyzes and treatments.