At Bull Hotels, we understand that our success comes solely and exclusively from the success of our most important asset, our staff. We work daily to achieve the highest degree of equality and justice possible, ensuring their rights and reducing social inequalities. For this reason, the company has a strong commitment to labor issues and ensures rigorous compliance in the matter, not discriminating based on sex, race, religion, sexual orientation or others.


The hotel group has various policies to comply with its labor commitments:


Protocol for prevention and action in case of harassment: Summarizes the policies to prevent sexual harassment and the procedure to follow in case it occurs.


 In recent years, the percentage of women continues to grow within the company, representing 57.8% in 2019.
56% of our employees have a permanent contract

Of the total workforce, only 12% have worked part-time in 2019, which reflects the commitment to creating stable employment in the sector.